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Experience and Innovative Sulfur Solutions

> Is your sulfur load too great for your sulfur recovery unit?

> Are you concerned with the hazard of entrained H2S in your product sulfur?

> Does your sulfur plant operation cause unnecessary stress?

Goar, Allison & Associates (GAA) is a leading developer of sulfur recovery technologies and can provide you with reliable, cost-effective solutions to your sulfur-related problems.

Experienced—GAA has provided the energy industry with sulfur solutions for over 35 years.

Sulfur recovery process experts—GAA Licensed Technology is proven technology

Engineering and design services—Including feasibility studies, process and detailed design, hazard reviews, operator training, start-up and troubleshooting existing facilities

Flexible—We'll work with both small and large engineering and construction contractors to provide turnkey packages for projects ranging in size from small, skid-mounted units to large, world-class facilities.

Contact us so that we may show you how our technology and design capabilities could be utilized to improve your sulfur recovery systems.

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