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Goar, Allison & Associates, LLC. licenses time-tested, reliable, state of the art technologies for your sulfur recovery process. Our patented processes provide the most recent advancements in sulfur recovery processing, enhancing the capacity of your process at a reduced capital cost, providing an easy retrofit in a small footprint, and increasing the conversion, capacity and efficiency of your existing sulfur recovery unit. In addition, Goar, Allison & Associates can incorporate technology from other suppliers into our process design on a case by case basis.

> COPE® Oxygen Enrichment Process

"COPE" stands for “Claus Oxygen-based Process Expansion”, which is a process that increases the capacity of a Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) by introducing oxygen into the process to partially or completely replace combustion air. Capacity increases of 10% to 100% or more are achieved with this patented technology that was successfully commercialized in 1985 at a major refinery and has since been licensed at over 30 refineries worldwide.

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> D’GAASS® Sulfur Degassing Process

The D’GAASS Sulfur Degassing process removes residual H2S and H2Sx from liquid sulfur produced in a Claus plant. The residual H2S content is typically over 300 ppmw rendering it dangerous for storage, loading and transport. This process, which provides better sulfur quality without the use of catalysts or chemicals, was developed and patented by Goar, Allison & Associates, LLC. D’GAASS was successfully commercialized in 1996 and has since been licensed in over 80 units worldwide with total capacity of over 40,000 LTPD sulfur.

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> Selectox Processes

Goar, Allison & Associates is the preferred supplier of the UOP Selectox processes, which are based on the Selectox oxidation catalyst. The Recycle Selectox process is an all-catalytic (no reaction furnace) process for recovering sulfur from lean acid gas streams and is used for acid gas streams with H2S content greater than 5%.


Goar, Allison & Associates works with Jacobs Nederland B.V. to incorporate the SUPERCLAUS process as a cost effective alternative when sulfur recovery efficiency requirements are 99.5% or less. The SUPERCLAUS process improves overall sulfur recovery in a modified Claus sulfur recovery unit through the use of a selective oxidation catalyst. The process may be offered on a project specific basis.

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SUPERCLAUS® is a registered trademark of Jacobs Nederland B.V.

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