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> Sulfur Recovery Units

Goar, Allison & Associates provides process design packages to improve the performance of your Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU). We incorporate standard industry technology or our patented COPE® Oxygen Enrichment process technology to improve your SRU operation.

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> Sulfur Processing & Handling

Our proprietary D’GAASS® Sulfur Degassing process technology is tailored to meet your specific liquid sulfur degassing process requirements for safe storage, loading and transport of sulfur while allowing for ease of installation and low capital cost.

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> Tail Gas Cleanup Units (TGCU’s)

Goar, Allison & Associates provides process designs for amine-type TGCU’s which recycle unrecovered sulfur as H2S to the upstream Claus SRU, utilizing generically available technology or technology from various licensors.

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> Gas Treating Units

We are experienced in grassroots and retrofit designs of gas treating units utilizing MEA, DEA and MDEA. We supply designs for available specially formulated solvents and work with the solvent vendors to ensure the efficient, safe handling and processing of the solvents. Our experience includes the design of gas treating units with operating pressures ranging from 50 psig to over 1000 psig.

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> Sour Water Strippers

Goar, Allison & Associates is experienced in grassroots and retrofit designs of sour water strippers with feed rates up to 800 gallons per minute. Our designs have incorporated both conventional and pump-around overhead condenser systems, live steam sparging and reboilers, and both packed and trayed towers.

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